The Process

A more thorough and therapeutic massage take about 2 to 3 hours and I have done up to 4 hours at one time with some clients.

There are many important areas of the body that can benefit from my Cai Bei application, such as the back, waist, groin area and arm and leg joints.

The first time that somebody undergoes Chai Bei can be painful and uncomfortable, but the benefits outweigh the initial pain and discomfort.

The aging process is one reason for the pain in people over 30, the metabolic process is slowed down along with blood circulation and the system begins to accumulate toxins. Moreover, each persons’ threshold for pain is different, if the area is still painful after 2 or 3 sessions, it’s usually an indication of severe blockage of the lymphatic system.

After 20 to 30 minutes of the Cai Bei application; the parts of the body where the toxins are accumulated or concentrated feels especially warm and numb. I start to feel nerve pulsations with my feet when I step on those areas. That’s how I identify the problem spots and I will slowly and carefully walk on those areas until I feel a tingling from that area and then I know that the toxins are being released and they will be evacuated by the lymphatic system of the body. Chai Bei is very effective in coaxing the body to use its own lymphatic drainage system to create pathways to eliminate toxins and in turn muscles will be able to acquire the needed nutrients so that deep tissue blood circulation is improved and result in regeneration of stuff non-functioning muscles.

You can read the sections on lymph nodes and lymphatic drainage as I feel that many of today aches and pain (and even some cancers) arise from the neglect of our body’s immune system and its ability to perform its job.